Seeking the Big Nature in Color: Mount Bold Book Preview

Authors: L F van de Stadt, D H Kim

Illustrated by: D H Kim

ISBN-13: 9780995355330

Pages: 168

Seeking The Big Nature In Color contains 57 amazing full color illustrations.

Seeking The Big Nature is an illustrated novel which looks inside the mind of a twelve year old girl, Catriona.  Her family is always stressed out from the hectic nature of the city life.  The ultra-competitive modern society forces people to overwork and rush all the time.  They find it very hard to relax as their mind is fully occupied by thinking about school and work, and everything seems to be going in circles and never ending.  Catriona thinks that there must be a better way of living, and by going into the nature, she and her family are searching for ways to improve their life.  The nature provides them the opportunity to see their life from different perspectives.

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