Jump No.1: The World Inside a Cubicle

Jump No.1: The World Inside a Cubicle

In Year 2100, everyone possesses superpowers. Everyone is content with their perfect life. However, Daniel bravely challenges this perfect world.

Kindle USA – Jump No.1

Kindle UK – Jump No.1

Jump No.1: The World Inside a Cubicle is the first issue of the graphic novel series Jump.

Daniel was born into a world where everyone possesses super power. In year 2100, having super power is just a normal way of life.  The citizens happily spend most of their time inside their cubicles, they don’t have any doubts about the world they are living in and believe they are living a perfect life.

However, Daniel is different and he questions the world he is living in, and he wants to find a way to escape from this perfect world.


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